Now a days, speedy order management in electronic form is becoming more and more important to ensure that the order management is done at the central place.Already manual paper works based sales, order & stock booking and payment collection are done by the sales-forces. Eoxys has come-up with unique and useful Application for replacing this manual process with smart phones. It reduces the costs & offers no botheration of long term device support. This application will improve the productivity of the enterprises.

Project Aim:

    Enables Mobile Phone based sales, order & stock booking, payment collection,..etc by Sales-forces.

    User friendly GUI with drop down lists enables the order booking done in less time than paper works.

    Instantaneous logging to back-end server through GSM-GPRS.

    Improves sales-force productivity: immediate uploading of bookings through GSM-GPRS enables them to concentrate more on sales.

    Improves sales-force work efficiency: enables them to meet more customers per day.

    Built-in location tracking of sales-forces.

    Perfect CRM to generate daily/monthly/custom XLS reports: distributor-wise, salesmen-wise, product-wise reports.

    Perfect CRM for Market analytics & sales-force performance analysis.

    Improves 20-30% sales performance.