The IOT sensors based condition monitoring of industrial machines at regular interval for early detection of machine failures is very much needed for proactive maintenance/predictive maintenance. There are 3 main causes of machines failure in Industrial environment.
  • Failures due to Human factors (Major) due to defective raw materials, inferior parts, design flaw, improper operation and poor workmanship on repairs.

  • Failures caused by normal wear (Minor)

  • Failures due to aging (Normal)

The IOT condition monitoring sensors can monitor machine conditions in real time and can communicate wirelessly to Cloud server. These wireless IOT condition monitoring sensors can be used in-accessible, isolated and hazardous environments.

Eoxys Machine Condition Monitoring Solution

Eoxys has nexGen Wireless IOT Condition Monitoring sensor design that detects Audible noise, Ultrasonic noise, Vibration noise and machine body temperature. This IOT sensor leverages latest generation MEMS sensors and low power DSPs for sensor fusion technologies. This sensor collects high resolution & high sampling sensor data and does sensor fusion through DSP algorithms.
This sensor has following features.
  • Detects Audible noise signal upto 10KHz

  • Detects Ultrasonic noise signal upto 80KHz

  • Detects Vibration in X/Y/Z directions

  • Measures Machine body Temperature

  • Ambient Temperature

  • Has Zigbee communication

  • Battery operated with life time more than 6 months

The Zigbee communication enables reliable and secure means of machine conditions monitoring in plant areas where the cost to install wired systems is prohibitive.
The sensor data from this sensor is sent wirelessly in two modes: Polling and Bursting. In polling mode, the data is sent on request. In bursting mode, the data is sent at periodic interval. This periodic interval is configurable say 10/30/60mins.

Industrial Use Case of this Sensor:

In industrial environments, the maintenance engineers either look at the just finished repair work or check scheduled checklist of maintenance. But condition monitoring sensor can continuously monitor machines and look for failures early to reduce unscheduled downtime. This sensor is useful for any machinery assets including Motors, Rollers, Conveyors, Bearings, Gear boxes, and Pumps.