As IoT grows and billions of sensors and devices need to connect to the world, one of the most critical components of Internet of Things systems is a device known as an "IoT gateway". An IoT gateway aggregates sensors data, translates sensor protocols, processes sensor data before sending it onward. With variety of wireless and wired protocols and different connectivity modes in highly dispersed nature of IoT systems, the Gateways are very much needed to manage and control these complex protocols and connectivity modes.
With IoT enabled Smart Building or Factory, there can be hundreds of sensors with different kind of functions like measuring temperature, light intensity, humidity, noise, air quality, machine conditions and energy. In such environments, the IOT gateways are very much needed to aggregate the sensor data and manage these sensors remotely.

Eoxys Gateway Design Solution

Eoxys has Gateway design (embedded HW and SW) with quad core processor operating at 1GHz, 4GB RAM and upto 32GB flash. This Gateway design has options to integrate various latest wireless communications like Zigbee/Z-Wave/LoRa/ Weightless/WiFi/ETH/3G/4G interfaces. Eoxys has experience in designing tailor made Industrial or Telecom IOT gateway designs with low power, multi wireless communications and customizable SW options. We have experience in giving gateway design solutions for following:
  • Home Automation gateway

  • LoRaGateway for Telecom

  • LoRaGateway for Asset tracking

  • ZigbeeEdge gateway for Zigbeesensors

Using this Gateway design, Eoxys works with B2B clients on product engineering of their nextgen IOT Gateway designs. We work closely with you, understand and analyze your Gateway requirements to define the embedded HW approach based on our proven design. We also extend our expertise on building embedded application software with state of the art Micro services based architecture. We have successfully built re-usable libraries and best practices for gateways. We apply our own scalable application development skills, reusable SW components, best practices built over many years of experience, Micro services architecture, advanced SW development frameworks, RESTful interface components with front-end user interface on local display and remote web display views.