The central IOT Cloud application becomes very much critical to manage and control thousands of sensors and devices which need to be connected to the real world. Under this IOT Cloud application, multiple IoT gateways aggregate and process hundreds of sensor data before sending to this Cloud application. With variety of wireless and wired protocols and different connectivity modes in highly dispersed nature of IoT systems, the IOT Cloud application is very much neededed to manage and control the sensors, devices and gateways.

Eoxys IOT Cloud Application Design

Eoxys has successfully designed IOT Cloud Server Applications which interfaces real-time IOT sensors one side and Web/Mobile/API users on other side. These Cloud solutions are built on J2EE (Spring/Springboot) Microservices + Angular frontend based architecture in combination with integrated ML/AI data science Microservices under them. Eoxys has built best practices and re-usable components for building scalable IOT Cloud applications.
  • Wireframe the UI flow of Cloud application.

  • Define DB tables and relationship as per UI flow.

  • Implement the Cloud application using enterprise J2EE (Spring/Springboot) + Angular UI and SQL/NOSQL technologies on top of our re-usable lib components.

  • Through DevOps team, streamline the build and release processs. Also ensure QA of deliverables through DevOps based automation testing.

  • Pilot launch and support.

Eoxys has experience in designing tailor made IOT Cloud applications using state of art Microservices and Serverless computing based architecture for various industry projects in Enterprises, Industrial and Financial verticals. With our re-usable libs and best practices, Eoxys can optime the project timeline, development cost with easy scalablility approach that helps our customers reach the market faster.

Eoxys has implemented its own OAuth 2.0 based SSO server component for acheiving latest state of the art Identity and Access Management (IAM) via dedicated SSO server for the Cloud applications developed for our Clients. This helps seamless on-boarding of Users into their Cloud applications via this SSO server. The User category roles and permissions can be configured as per the Cloud application needs.

Using our re-usable libs and best practices, Eoxys works with B2B clients on building of their nextgen IOT Cloud applications. We work closely with you, understand and analyze your Cloud application requirements to define the Microservices and Serverless computing based architecture approach based on our proven designs. We apply our own scalable application development skills, reusable SW components, best practices built over many years of experience, Micro services architecture, advanced SW development frameworks, RESTful interfaces and Angular UI based front-end user interfaces.

Cloud Applications Developed by Eoxys

Eoxys has successfully developed following Cloud application for our B2B clients as part of their nextgen IOT Cloud applications.
  1. Cloud Sensor Server Application for Patient care analytics

  2. Home Automation Cloud Server application

  3. Multi Microservices based Fintech Cloud Server ApplicationM

  4. Cloud Energy Monitoring Application