The Cloud applications are very much critical to manage and control thousands of users to orchestrate the business work flow in Industrial, Healthcare, Fintech and Automotive domains. Likewise, thousands of IOT sensors & gateway devices also need to be connected to the real world to be managed via central cloud application.

In the recent past Serverless computing and Microservice technologies combined with DevOps are predominantly used for developing nextgen Cloud applications from scratch. Now-a-days, the traditional monolithic Cloud applications are getting replaced with microservices based application architecture.

With serverless computing, the developer doesn’t have to worry about server management. The developer need to focus on building the best web applications and rely on cloud orchestrator to do the server management like allocating the machines and resources.

Microservice technology is a specific way to build Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) based cloud applications where the services tend to be smaller with set of APIs. This helps developers to develop a functional module as a Microservice with set of APIs (RESTFul, SOAP).

DevOps is part of Software development culture and practice wherein the entire software development life cycle processes are unified. DevOps merges Dev team and Ops team into a single consolidated team where they work together in the application’s development lifecycle, right from development, unit testing, functional testing and production release processes. These are automated through DevOps technology stacks and tools. 

Eoxys IOT Cloud Application Design

Eoxys is successfully working with customers on architecting and building their nextgen Cloud applications using Java Microservices and Serverless computing based architecture with High availability DB architecture. Eoxys involves in segregation of entire application into multiple business layers and multiple microservices based business logics.

Eoxys has successfully designed many Cloud applications that interfaces Web/Mobile/API users one side and IOT sensors/gateways on the other side. These Cloud applications are built on Java (Spring/Springboot) Microservices based business logics, Angular based GUI frontends and RESTful based API frontends. Eoxys has successfully integrated ML/AI data science modules as RESTful Microservices that can be accessed by another microservices.

Eoxys integrates DevOps based development practice that automates development, QA and release process through DevOps tools like Jenkins and creates an environment where there is Continuous Improvement of development of customer’s products.

Eoxys works with customers on deploying their application platform on public/private cloud infrastructure based on OpenStack. These application software to be deployedare packaged into set of containers, primarily with Docker. In an operational environment, such a containerized application is deployed across a cluster of physical and virtual servers.

Eoxys automates the process of deploying and managing multi-container applications at scale using Kubernetes. Kubernetes is used to orchestrate multi container applications. Kubernetes is configured to compose an cloud application to be deployed out of set of containers. Then Kubernetes handles the rolling-out of containers, keeping them running, and keeping the components in sync with each other.

Eoxys has built the best practices and re-usable components for building scalable IOT Cloud applications.
  • Architecting entire application into multiple business layers and microservices based business modules along with high-availability DB.

  • Define scalability and load balancing across business layers.

  • Wireframe the UI flow of Cloud application.

  • Define high available DB and data models as per UI flow.

  • Implement the Cloud application using enterprise Java (Spring/Springboot), Angular UI, RESTful APIs and SQL/NOSQL technologies on top of our re-usable library components.

  • Through DevOps team, streamline the development life cycle of both Dev and Ops teams.

  • Pilot launch and support. Leverage Docker and Kubernetes expertise.

Eoxys has experience in designing tailor made IOT Cloud applications using state of the art Microservices and Serverless computing based architecture for various industry projects in Enterprises, Industrial and Financial verticals. With our re-usable libs and best practices, Eoxys can optimize the project timeline, development cost with easy scalablility approach that helps our customers reach the market faster.

Eoxys has implemented its own OAuth 2.0 based SSO server component for achieving latest state of the art Identity and Access Management (IAM) via dedicated SSO server for the Cloud applications developed for our Clients. This helps seamless on-boarding of Users into their Cloud applications via this SSO server. The User category roles and permissions can be configured as per the Cloud application needs.  

Using our re-usable libs and best practices, Eoxys works with B2B clients on building of their nextgen IOT Cloud applications. We work closely with customers, understand and analyze customer’s Cloud application requirements to define the Microservices and Serverless computing based architecture approach based on our proven designs. We apply our own scalable application development skills, reusable SW components, best practices built over many years of experience, Micro services architecture, advanced SW development frameworks, RESTful interfaces and Angular UI based front-end user interfaces.

Cloud Applications Developed by Eoxys

Eoxys has successfully developed following Cloud application for our B2B clients as part of their nextgen IOT Cloud applications.
  1. Cloud Sensor Server Application for Patient care analytics

  2. Home Automation Cloud Server application

  3. Multi Microservices based Fintech Cloud Server Application

  4. Cloud Energy Monitoring Application