Growing demand of IOT increased the number of Smart low power embedded edge devices in Smart Factory, Smart Office, Industrial, Automotive and Healthcare industries.Most of mid-sized companies struggling to manage thousands of IoT devices and have no inventory and no way of knowing how many IoT devices were deployed. Most of customers find IoT security inadequate to their deployed devices.

Problem Statement
  • In centralized IoT architecture, all the sensor data is processed at the cloud and requires each embedded smart devices to adopt various Message Transfer Protocols like HTTP, MQTT, LWM2M, CoAP, TR-069/TR-369.

  • Each of embedded low power devices mostly has low processing MCUs that operates at low frequency and low memory footprint and may not support all Message Transfer Protocols.

  • Majority of these embedded devices support at least TCP Socket communication layers provided natively by embedded RTOSs.

  • With TCP Socket communication, these embedded devices can very well send sensor data inTCP packets in Raw or TLS secured data format to TCP middleware servers.

  • If we can offload these embedded device’s Message Transfer Protocol engines in single TCP middleware server for all of deployed embedded devices, the customers can very well manage their deployed devices and move between different Message Transfer Protocols as per their end Application requirements without changing the embedded device’s firmware.

TUNE – TCP Middleware Server

Eoxys TUNE offer a simple, and straight forward deployment of TCP Middleware Server that saves time and money by offering easy enablement of Message Transfer Protocols for the deployed embedded edge devices. With everything processed on a single server platform, it offers easier access, edit, finalize onboarding of devices and configure message transfer protocols to communicate with End Application Servers all in one place.
  • The current version of TUNE, supports HTTP message transfer protocol with End Application Servers.

  • The TUNE – TCP Middleware Server can be deployed on-premises, private cloud or public cloud.

  • The TUNE server can also be used as TCP Server Simulator for embedded devices firmware development and testing.

  • With TUNE deployed at on-premises/private cloud of customers, thousands of IoT devices of customers can be managed well and inventory of devices can be known well.

  • The external security attack can be restricted to this middleware server instead of each embedded device.

The sample GUI screen of TUNE – TCP Middleware Server