Understanding the value of sensor data and turning it into business opportunities by sensing, computing, analyzing and taking action based on this sensor data is becoming more and more important to give competitive business advantage. Eoxys is uniquely placed to help you to adopt IoT and M2M technologies with its hands on experience in IOT products design, Mobile and Cloud applications development.

Client challenges

Implementing IOT solutions encompasses several challenges such as designing right IOT edge sensors & gateway devices, standard protocol stacks, mobile and cloud technologies and many more. More over collecting sensor data in real time and taking actions by analyzing the value of sensor data are also crucial for the customers. At Eoxys, we have demonstrated experience to help you to address these challenges on designing edge sensors, gate way devices, mobile and cloud technologies.

Services we offer

Our service offerings covers key IOT constituents starting from product ideation, product engineering, industrial design, mobility & cloud software development and certification.

IOT examples for different verticals

Smart Watches and Wearable – The smart watches and wearable are covering wide range of consumer centric fitness gadgets today. With clinical grade smart wearables, remote patient healthcare monitoring and tracking critical clinical parameters are also possible. Eoxys has designed a low power Sensor Watch with 9 sensors platform. By leveraging our reference Sensor Watch platform, Customers can build medical or healthcare IOT solutions around it.

Smart Homes and Buildings – Automated HVAC and lighting control based on occupancy for homes and buildings are getting smarter now a days. Eoxys is uniquely placed to help you to build smart home and building solutions.

Smart Appliances – Already by plugging into the OBD2 (On Board Diagnostic) port of the car, we can read analytics to understand and schedule maintenance. Similarly the Smart appliances will report analytics, warranty and scheduled maintenance details.

Smart Factory – IOT is getting into the existing Industrial Automation systems, by monitoring the equipment’s analytics data to understand health and schedule maintenance and also to predict the failure.

Smart City – IOT is going to help our cities become smarter. Few examples are Smart street lights: connected LED street lights to reduce the energy and manage them to automatically switch off or dim based on ambient light, traffic and time considerations. Smart traffic management: Building smart traffic control system by monitoring traffic density and automatically manage traffic signal lights. Smart water metering: monitoring and controlling the water consumption of consumers and analyzing & taking quick action on the indicators received from the system, such as consumption patterns, water losses, theft, etc. Smart Electricity Grids: monitoring and controlling the power consumption of consumers and analyzing & taking quick action on the power consumption patterns, power losses, theft,.. etc.

Industry Verticals

We cover range of verticals with turn-key IOT Solutions on cloud by translating the client's business requirements into specific IOT solution comprising of edge sensors, gateway devices, application business Logic, data visualization (Dashboard), data Storage, collaboration and security. Our mobile and cloud application development experience value adds the customer to quickly implement their IOT solutions.