More and more mobile computing devices such as Mobiles, Tablets, Notebooks which support high speed cellular and WiFi capabilities are being used by mass market consumers, end users and employees outside the office. Recently VR (Virtual Reality) gadgets and Smart glasses (Augmented Reality) are being used by all segment of users. Cloud mobility plays a key role in seamlessly online extending of products & services offering of Enterprises on the cloud platforms to cater to all form of mobile computing devices. Cloud mobility solutions increases over all business efficiency by allowing centralized products and services offering and reducing shadow IT which is otherwise big burden for enterprises.

Client challenges

While cloud mobility solutions increase the ease of doing business, clients face many challenges in development and implementation of scalable Cloud SW solutions that caters to all form of mobile computing devices. This has led cloud based offering of services on these devices and thus increased client challenges in cloud software development in meeting requirements of the users. More and more computing devices are sold into mass market and enterprises with variety of OSs – iOS, Android, Microsoft Windows, Tizen, QNX, MAC, Chrome OS,..etc. The clients faces challenges in speeding up their development matching to new versions of OS, new features and new hardware options on these computing devices. Over the past few years many cloud development frameworks & protocols, security technologies and PAAS/IAAS based cloud based offering increased the client’s challenges on building competence in this area to fit their standard enterprise IT processes and frameworks.

Services we offer

We help our clients on implementing Cloud Mobility based business solutions using cloud software development frameworks & protocols and mobile application development technologies for variety of OSs – iOS, Android, Tizen, Windows, MAC,…etc. We work closely with our clients, understand and analyze their requirements to define the suitable Cloud Mobility solution and technology approach to address multiple OS platforms. We apply our scalable application development skills, reusable SW components, best practices, advanced SW development frameworks, RESTful mobility interface components, optimal solution architecture modeling with front-end UI and back-end database design. We help our clients on Cloud server application development.
We implement our client’s business requirements using J2EE (Spring or Springboot) microservices + Angular front-end by translating their business requirements into specific SW modules, user management modules, core business logics, dashboard module, sql/nosql DB, Web/RESTful presentation views and Security options. We help our clients on Mobile application development. We implement our client’s mobility requirements using Native (Swift, Android Java or C#) and Cross-platform technologies (UNITY) by translating their business requirements into specific SW modules, user login/signup modules, menu options module, core business logics, local/file/sql DB, local/RESTful presentation views, friendly UX experience, view navigation animations and Security options. Also we help in utilizing the mobile devices native hardware functions like GPS, Camera, Accelerometer, Compass, BLE and WiFi within the mobile application.

Cloud Mobility examples for different verticals

Virtual Reality (VR) Application – For years, virtual environments have been used for training simulations. Virtual Reality (VR) application uses computer technology to create a simulated environment. Unlike traditional user interfaces of viewing a screen in front, VR application places the user inside an experience and makes users get immersed & interact with 3D virtual worlds. VR application can simulate as many senses as possible, such as vision, hearing, touch, even smell, the computer is transformed into a gatekeeper to this artificial world. Major players providing VR hardware are Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift, Microsoft HoloLens, Sony Morpheus, Vive,..etc. Traditionally aviation and the military agents use VR training as an attractive alternative to live training with expensive equipment, dangerous situations, or sensitive technology. In recent past, VR solutions are getting adopted in enterprises. Enterprises uses virtual reality to simulate public speaking. Companies uses virtual reality to engage prospective recruits in a virtual workplace. Product companies use virtual reality to visualize how its product works in 360 degree view for their end consumers. Medical Centers can use virtual reality therapy to treat phobias of patients also improve doctor empathy. Military uses virtual reality therapy to treat Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Smart glass based Augmented Reality (AR) Application – Smart glasses are wearable computer glasses that add information alongside or to what the wearer sees. It’s basically a computer in glasses form which has broad applications from the armed forces to agencies of Governments. In recent past Smart glass based solutions are getting adopted by enterprises. Google glass brought awareness and possible enterprises use cases on Smart glass. There are applications in healthcare, transportation and logistics. Healthcare providers are using smart glasses to interact with patients, perform medical procedures and use telepresence. Transportation including large equipment, assembly and inspection is also a large vertical. Energy, oil and gas and logistics are other key areas. Engineering and construction is also emerging. The ability to take a 3D CAD model, project those and interact is powerful. Education is another area with promise.

IOT Sensor Server Application – For years, sensor networking is used for distributed sensor data collection. Recent past, IOT based networking enables sensors data collection at Cloud server over public and private infra. Enterprises are gearing up to build connected cloud mobility based sensor networking solutions around connected IOT sensors using various wireless (Cellular, WiFi, BLE, ZigBee, Z-Wave, LoRa,..etc) and wired (HD PLC, Ethernet, RS485,..etc) networking. This enables the enterprises building next generation smart enterprises, smart factories, smart healthcare, smart city solutions. As part of this, Enterprises need to build central Sensor Server application to collect IOT data from all forms of sensors through wireless and wired networks. This sensor server application can run in public, private and hybrid cloud environments and should offer one web interface to monitor and manage multiple sensor infrastructures. Also, offer integration with Big-data technologies to process large volume of IOT data to provide deeper insight and business value.

Mobile commerce – Mobile commerce enables Enterprise to do business with their end consumers anytime on the go. Mobile commerce puts a store in every customer’s pocket, giving everyone the power to make purchases anywhere and thus customers are making more and more purchases on their smart phones. To achieve this, Enterprises need to implement B2B/B2C Omni-channel portal on Magento/SAP Hybris/IBM Web commerce or custom online portal. Enterprises need to offer products/services available on this portal so that customer can order/request for a quote anytime on the go. Also, Enterprises need to streamline their customers order processing, invoicing, logistics, delivery functions,…etc. Also engage portal visitors to subscribe other options like newsletter, option to add their wish list, option to raise support tickets,…etc. Additionally, Enterprises need to develop user friendly Mobile apps for iOS, Android OSs with RESTful interface with this portal.

Automation Server Application – Automation Server applications enable Enterprises to automate, manage, and track their business processes, capture critical data and extend their reach of core business to end users. By doing this Enterprises can increase revenue and reduce costs by automating their people-centric business processes with Cloud apps, Mobile apps, Wearable apps or Smart glasses apps. This helps the enterprises to streamline operations, enhance customer communications, and improve their organization's ability to comply with regulations.

Industry Verticals

We cover range of verticals and offer end-to-end Cloud Mobility Software Solutions by translating our client's business requirements into specific Cloud and Mobile solutions. Our mobile and cloud application development experience enables our customers to implement their business solutions optimally.